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How much are you paying for your shredding services? Fill out the form below to calculate your estimated spending on shredding services.

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Shredding Documents In-House

Utilizing Our Shredding Services

Average costs of a personal shredder range from $20 - $150. Shredders that can accommodate large amounts of material on an ongoing basis can cost upwards to $33,000. Low-end models are often associated with replacement costs.

Ongoing maintenance costs such as lubricant sheets, oil, and shedding bags.

Labor costs associated with having an employee manually feed the shredder.

Disposal costs.

There is no investment in equipment and you save on maintenance costs associated with having your own shredder.

You also do not have to dedicate personnel resources and time.

A Minimal fee based on volume. You also can feel good about the proceeds going back into the community through the various services we provide.

Shredding your own documents is an added liability. After the documents are shred, how are they handled? Do the strips end up in the landfill and could be potentially exposed?

North Central Sight Services, Inc. has a secure process that meets NAID requirements and is audited frequently through ISO9001, a certified quality management system.
Calculate the hours you would spend on shredding using our Savings Calculator. Keep in mind that small shredders are limited to the number of pages that can be fed through them at one time.

Calling to schedule a pick-up is convenient, and takes less than ten minutes.
Do you dedicate resources to confirming important documents are securely shred for auditing purposes?

We also provide a certificate of completion that goes beyond a piece of paper. We have process in which your materials are tracked from pick-up to invoicing.
Most curbside recycling centers do not accept shredded paper.

All of the paper we shred is automatically bailed and recycled by paper mills. The transactions are controlled and secure.
Office shredders pose potential injuries and may not have built-in safety features.

Safety is a priority at North Central Sight Services, Inc. All processes are evaluated by a Safety Committee that is certified by the Pennsylvania State Safety Committee. Safety precautions are put into place to prevent injuries. The commercial equipment has built-in safety protection guards.



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