Why do I need to shred my documents?

Every individual and business has information that should be kept confidential. The content of this information can be subject to theft if not disposed of properly. Businesses of specific industries are subject by law to protect information for their employees, customers and patients.

What documents and materials should I shred?

North Central Sight Services, Inc. has a comprehensive list containing various documents that are recommended and often required by law to be securely shredded. There are specific records that should be kept for an extended period of time for tax and insurance purposes. Please check with your accountant or attorney for more information.

What is “Dumpster Diving” and is it legal?

Dumpster Diving is the definition of sorting through commercial or residential trash. It is the number one source of theft of business and personal information-and it’s legal. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled the right of ownership is forfeited when you discard your belongings. The solution: have North Central Sight Services, Inc. securely shred sensitive business and personal information to protect your privacy.

Can I watch the shredding process?

Yes, North Central Sight Services, Inc. welcomes you to visit our facility on 2121 Reach Road to witness the destruction of your documents. If you have boxes, bags or containers of documents that you’d like destroyed, you may bring them during the hours of 7:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday or a designated time per your request. The viewing hours to watch your documents be shredded are between 7:30 a.m. and 2:45 p.m.

What happens to the shredded material?

North Central Sight Services, Inc. believes in sustainability and incorporates environmentally-friendly initiatives into all of its business practices. After your documents are securely shred, they are bailed and prepared for recycling. North Central Sight Services, Inc. works directly with a paper mill to ensure the shredded paper is recycled and reused.

Why outsource when we can shred our own documents?

Office shredders can create unnecessary noise and dust and are often not capable of shredding many documents at one time. Paper clips and staples may have to be removed. North Central Sight Services, Inc. offers affordable and secure document shredding.

What is Pennsylvania Act 101 and does our business have to respond?

Pennsylvania Act 101 mandates recycling in larger municipalities with the goals of reducing waste generation and promoting recycling.

The act requires businesses to recycle glass bottles, steel cans, aluminum cans, office paper, and cardboard. Within our local area, if your business is located in the City of Williamsport, Loyalsock Township, Old Lycoming Township, South Williamsport or Montoursville Borough, you will be required to report the estimated tonnage of recycling activity yearly. Businesses and industries in non-mandated communities are encouraged to report their recycling activities.

North Central Sight Services, Inc. tracks this easily for you when you use our document shredding and recycling programs. We can provide the tonnage for the Annual Recycling Report/4500-FM-SW0011 Form.